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Home Visits
Medicare Beneficiaries who are qualified to enroll into a Medicare Plan whether that be a Medicare Advantage, a Medicare Supplement and/ or a Prescription Drug Plan are eligible for a Home Visit. There are several ‘Special Election Periods’ (SEPs) that will allow you to change plans before the ‘Fall Open Enrollment Period’. To get a hold of me to find-out if you qualify to change plans… phone: (972) 665-9884, or email me using the contact form, or homevisits@dhshia.com


Medicare Workshops
Medicare Workshops are a fun-filled social events where you will learn about the basic ‘ins & outs’ of Medicare in a Sales-Free atmosphere.
I already told you that this is a fun-filled event. Let me tell you why, because it more like a Social Event because we will have light snacks and a period before the Workshop where you can socialize with your peers if you want to.


Sales Seminars
Oct. 15th - Dec. 7th
The ‘Fall Open Enrollment Period’, is for those eligible for Medicare who have either a Medicare Advantage or a Prescription Drug Plan/ (Rx) plan. These Seminars are for Medicare Beneficiaries’ who know what other plans they want to enroll into, I hold these Seminars all over the DFW area during the ‘Fall Open Enrollment Period’.

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