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About us

Who we are


David Henry Senior Health Insurance Agency is a niche market Independent Agency I formed to cater to the people becoming eligible for, or already, on Medicare. I did this because navigating the rules of Medicare is already an extremely hard task. Trying to figure out what plan(s) might be right for you can be cumbersome too. When you add the tremendous amount of dis-information circulating, combined with agents who do not want to spend the required time to help find you the perfect plan, I decided it was time to form an Agency where Medicare Beneficiaries meet facts.

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Agents and Certified to sell all Medicare plans ranging from Medicare Health Plans (Advantage Plans) Part C, Medicare Supplement Plans, Prescription Drug Plans (Rx Plans) or Part D.
I have hand-picked a wide-range of the finest, moral and trustworthy Insurance Companies to select from. This way you can select the plan which will best suits your needs from a well-known Health Insurance Company. You are assured to get the optimum health coverage from a company you can trust.

Furthermore, if you go through this entire site you will find that I have laid-out and explained everything you will need to make a decision about what all of the different health plans are, and how the different health plans work.

Our advantages


Personal Relationship
When you enroll into a plan(s) with me, we are going to have a long-lasting relationship where you can always count on me to be there for you. Regardless if you just have a question about your plan(s), or the plan(s) is not performing in the manner in which it was out-lined in the plan’s Summary of Benefits or EOC, I will always be there to be your personal Advocate.


Peace of Mind
When you enroll into a plan(s) with me you will know that we have covered everything. When we have completed your enrollment, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are in the plan(s) that serves your needs the best. In fact, if you need a little more time so you can select the best plan(s) available to you, you can rest assured that I am not going to pressure you to enroll into any plan(s). However, when you need me to revisit with you and we you have enrolled in the plan(s) of your choosing, you will have the highest level of the Peace of Mind you deserve.


Continued Support
Again, I want to reiterate that I will always be available for you after you get enrolled into a plan through me. If your plan(s) needs to be re-evaluated dictated by a change in your health status, I will work as hard as I can to see if there is something I can do for you immediately. You can always reach out to me to discuss you changing healthcare situation and needs. Like I previously stated, I will always be here to ensure your Peace of Mind, and I will always be here to be your personal Advocate!

Raising the way Senior Healthcare Insurance Beneficiaries are treated!!!

Mission & values

  • Raising your expectations

    Today it seems like everyone is in a rush, it is hard to find great customer service from someone who knows about the products they are going to try to sell you. My focus is solely on educating you so you can make the right decision based on the facts provided. When it comes to Medicare and all of the choices you have, there is no rush to this, that is, unless you already know what product you want to get enrolled into. However, I will still slow the process down just a little to ensure you know exactly how your selected product works.

  • Rapport

    When it comes to the relationship between a Medicare Beneficiary and the Agent, there is nothing greater than honest communication both ways. Building trust is vital to the process this way there is nothing left unsaid that could affect the choice of the plan that you want/ need. If I ask you, “Did you have a budget in mind, or are you concerned about this or that?”, you have to be completely honest with me so I know what direction we should be going. I can’t remember who said it, but the truth shall set you free, and that is especially true when it comes to enrolling into a Medicare Plan.

  • Technology

    When I visit with you to discuss your options and enroll you into a Medicare plan you can be assured I will bring the latest technology with me. After your selection and during our enrollment, I want you to know that everything will go smoothly and seamlessly. You need to know that your enrollment was processed, and that we did it together compliantly. You will find this type of experience true from the moment you call and are qualified for a Home Visit to enroll. I will send you an email with an Adobe attachment to sign and send back (tops 3 minutes to complete via computer/ tablet/ smartphone). If you do not have an email account or a computer, there is nothing to worry about, I will still get the information to you so you can have it ready for me when I arrive.

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