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My Agency strives to build a rapport of trustworthiness with our clients by honestly, professionally and ethically educating prospects eligible for Medicare about Original Medicare and the different plan options available to them. We consult with each Medicare Beneficiary using what we call a “Needs Analysis” by actively and patiently listening to your concerns about the kind of coverage you need. When, and only when you have determined the plan that suits your needs do I compliantly, accurately, and efficiently enroll you into the plan option(s) of your choice.

Medicare Health Insurance Portfolio

Medicare Advantage

A type of Medicare Health Plan offered by private companies that are contracted with Medicare to provide you with all Part A, Part B and Part D (if needed).

Medigap Supplements

A type of Insurance policy that is sold by private Insurance companies. These types of plans help pay some, or all, of your healthcare cost that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Prescription Drugs(Part D)

Stand-alone Rx plans are offered by private Insurance companies and other companies approved by Medicare to provide your prescription drug (Part D) coverage.

Vision/Dental & Hearing

These types of plans cover the routine care that Original Medicare will not cover (e.g.) routine eye exams and glasses, routine and advanced dental procedures, and hearing exams & aides.

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Complimentary Insurance Products

Grandchild Whole Life

A whole life policy that you can purchase for your grandchildren that is guaranteed renewable and increasable regardless of their future health conditions.

Final Expense Insurance

This type of policy is purchased to give your family the money they will need to cover burial expenses and additional money to help cover any other liabilities you may have.

Indemnity Insurance

This type of Insurance protects you/ pays you in the event that a covered incident occurs to you. Some specific types of coverage are Home Care insurance, Nursing Facility Care Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Insurance, Cancer and Heart Attack or Stroke Insurance.